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We go beyond telephone answering service. Our team provides trust. We offer a straightforward process that works for you and your team, and 24/7 support when you need it most. Relationships are number one for us. When we are in alignment with your goals, it helps to provide you – and your customers – with peace of mind. Let us help build the bridge between you and your customers!

Quad Cities Telephone Answering Service makes its home in Iowa, but serves business across the United States!

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Virtual Receptionist – Don’t Pay Someone Around The Clock

Does your customer base NEED to talk to you when they have pressing needs? Then they should spend as little time dealing with the answering service as possible. Quad City Telephone Answering Service has experienced virtual receptionists that can follow a script, act professional, and screen calls appropriately.

Do you have script updates and customer issues? Our problems become your solution.

Medical Answering – Because Your Phone Is A Lifeline

Whether you need 9-to-5 coverage, or an after-hours medical answering service that is fully HIPAA-compliant, Quad Cities Telephone Answering Service has you covered.

Our specially trained customer service representatives will handle your call, take pertinent information, and dispatch calls based on your needs and preset instructions. Calls can be screened using an auto attendant and voice mail, or our highly trained customer service representatives will obtain information for emergencies, consults and even routine office-visit information. You choose the level of support you want.

Wake-Up Calls – Never Miss An Early Meeting

Forget the alarm clock – we offer full wake-up services with scheduling options and customized greetings. Information can be programmed on a daily basis or you can set a schedule so the call is made automatically, every day at a given time. You tell us the time and we’ll make the call. This is a very flexible system and can be done on an as-needed basis or on a permanent schedule.

Voicemail Services – Making Your Message Retrieval Less Of A Chore

We offer integrated voicemail and messaging services in an organized format. We send each and every detail to you immediately, so you have access in realtime.

This service provides your client access to leave a confidential message in your own private voice mailbox. Messages may be left there by your client or given to our customer service representatives to enter into your voice mail. Our voice mail system is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your convenience. Optionally, a notification can be sent to your phone every time a message is left in your voice mailbox.

Customer Service – There’s No Substitute For Human Interaction

Capture more leads with our outstanding professionalism while you take more time to focus on operations, strategy and sales. We train to handle all questions, from the mundane to the most difficult.

Our customer service team is courteous and professional with all customers and staff. We have rigorous ongoing review and training programs that keeps our staff in top shape.

Online Appointment Scheduling – Stay Organized To Save Time

We can effectively and consistently schedule appointments, so you don’t have to. Our goal is to blend in, so your customers and clientele do not now they are speaking with a third-party. We can log all appointments into scheduling or tracking management software of your choosing, and pride ourselves with being adaptable, flexible and up-to-date with recent technology.

Anywhere you have internet access, you can check your appointments through our service portal. Make changes on the fly, or direct our staff. No more faxing updates, calls, or emails.